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Name: Slash Segary
Age: 15
Year: 10th Sophomore
Personality: Fun loving, and adventure seeking. Has an optimistic point of view about almost everything and always seems to stay calm under a lot of pressure, yet can get scared in some of the scary situations.
Likes: Anime, Manga, Computers, Magic, Drawing, and story making.
Dislikes: Nothing really, except maybe the fact that he can find the dark side of things, like ghosts possessing people and what not.
Bio: Slash is an odd ball at the school, he is well known by many and has little amount of friends as it is. There is always something that seems to pull him into some form of trouble here and there. He seems like such a loner when stuff like this happens, but his only friend since childhood, Kat, seems to stand by him even though she nearly kills him when he does something really stupid.

Name: Kat Helenhan
Age: 15
Year: 10th Sophomore
Personality: Strict, adventurous, Very brave, and will be realistic with every situation.
Likes: Picnics, Slash (maybe), and sweets
Dislikes: Stupidity, people that are not open minded, and dancing
Bio: Childhood friend of Slash. Seems to be the only friend of his at Dormino High, She’s the only one that hangs around him, yet when she isn’t with Slash she is known as the most popular kid at Dormino High. Some times she can find herself in very unreal situations when around Slash because of the trouble that can seem to find him, but she still seems to protect him and continues to hang around him despite the trouble she ends up in.

Name: Jeox Kakmeya
Age: 17
Year: 11th Junior
Personality: Shy, private, but friendly if he knows you
Likes: Being the hero, drawing, being with Inochi
Dislikes: Evil triumphing, Injustice
Bio: Jeox has trouble fitting in at school. He doesn’t talk much to others, because of this mixed with his shy and calm nature Jeox seems to have most of the girls having a crush on him. His only real friends are Shard and Inochi (who he has a crush on). Those two plus Kat don’t seem to have the crush that other girls at Dormino do on him. He doesn’t seem to fit in with the other guys because most of them are really envious of Jeox and tend to push him away, or vise versa.

Name: Rajan "Shard" Ink
Age: 14
Year: 9th Freshman
Personality: Normally hyperactive and crazy and stuff, but rude to those she doesn't like. Has a tendancy to call people who do stupid things "Dipsy."
Likes: Art, Spriting, Fluffy things, etc.
Dislikes: bad friends, and bright lights
Bio: Shard is generally a loner; she tends to avoid most of the students in the school, and likes drawing and artwork more than actual people. She has a few friends she is close to, and despite being an excelling student, has trouble associating with others. She's great with public speaking, and is a little too nice for her own good, plus she's pretty emotional so this causes her problems with some of her friendships. Otherwise, though, she just tends to avoid the living world, and socializes as little as she can.

Name: Inochi Kuromo
Age: 16
Year: 11th Junior
Personality: Shy, but friendly and caring.
Likes: Jeox, Helping people
Dislikes: Seeing people get hurt
Bio: Inochi has just moved schools a few months ago and has gotten along fine from then, she has managed to make many new friends and she's fitted into every circle in school. The guys all around her want her attention yet out of all the guys at Dormino, she likes Jeox the most. Inochi’s Shard was introduced to Inochi by Jeox and they have become great friends. Kat was introduced to Jeox and Inochi by Shard. Out of all the groups that Inochi is in she likes to hang out with Shard, Kat, and Jeox the most.

Name: Jeshi Korin Ideru
Age: 13
Year: 9th Freshman
Personality: smart and wise yet sometimes clueless and clumsy, not very outgoing and sort of shy when among people he does not know, but very confident around people he knows.
Likes: Anime, Manga, Video games, the nerd stuff, the supernatural, Hypnosis.
Dislikes: The Republic School system, Stereotypes, Modern America Music, People who preach their religion, Adults who believe Children are slaves to Adults for no reason other then age, Ads for Horror Movies.
Bio: Jeshi used to go to a Democratic school but was transferred to Dormino high because his parents could no longer afford tuition, This is a subject Jeshi often Complains about, something people find odd is that Jeshi is 13(so he SHOULD be in middle school) yet a freshman, this is a mystery to everyone including himself, Jeshi is sleep deprived and quite the nerd, Making obscure references to things nobody knows about and trying to make life like fiction(with comedy and dramatic scenes) he would often compare real life with said fiction cliché’s, or promoting shipping between real people(often resulting in him getting slapped or attacked in some sort of way).

Name: Jay Jidouu
Age: 16
Year: 11 year sophomore
Personality: smart ass, sarcastic, rough
Likes: Guns, fighting.
Dislikes: Annoying people and collars
Bio: A very skilled gunner and a decent student Jay is a somewhat popular kid at Dormino. His friends are an odd bunch, and it seems that ever since his start at Dormino it's always been an odd bunch. His record with police is a very long one. But he's more known as a vigilante then a criminal. He's been a sharp eye as well as a quick thinker and his jokes can be very harsh, but he's still Jay.

More to come later